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    Counseling and Psychotherapy

    Now more than ever, Americans are experiencing significant stressors, according to the American Psychological Association’s Stress in America surveys. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has led to a significant sense of uncertainty. Many people are grappling with stress related to health, family, finances, and discrimination – these stressors have been heightened for People of Color.

    To help meet the growing demand for mental health services, I provide individual and group counseling and psychotherapy for adults in my private practice.

    I see clients with a range of concerns, including experiences of:



    Racial Identity


    Sexual Trauma

    Career Counseling

    Services are offered in-person, following COVID-19 safety protocols, or via TeleHealth. 

    As a counseling psychologist, I draw from multiple theoretical orientations, frequently utilizing attachment theories, interpersonal therapy, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) approaches.  I consider the role of multiple factors, from individual to societal, on a person’s functioning. I engage in collaborative goal setting, a strong therapeutic alliance, and regular assessment as a key to positive outcomes.

    In addition to being a generalist who can work with a number of common concerns, I also specialize in a few key areas.

    I am passionate about helping with intersecting identities – specifically helping Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) in healing racial trauma. In my work, I explore how multiple identities impact our experience in the world and our relationships.

    Another area I am passionate about is working with people who have experienced sexual trauma. I have researched sexual violence for over a decade and provided individual and group therapy to survivors of sexual and intimate partner violence. I have completed intensive training in Cognitive Processing Therapy and will complete Prolonged Exposure training in April 2022.  Both of these are well researched evidence-based treatment modalities in PTSD that are “Strongly Recommended” by the American Psychological Association.

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